Your People and your Brand

I was attending a Train the Trainer session for a major training project being sponsored by Facebook. It was a 3 days affair and so we were lodged in one of the hotels in Lekki while the training itself took place in another hotel.

Of course, being the brand-curious person that I am, I took in a lot of details at the hotel. While I wouldn’t score the hotel 100% on all fronts, I was extremely impressed with how the staff expressed and represented the brand at every interaction.

From the way they asked intermittently if we (myself, the other trainers & project team) were enjoying our stay to how they attended to complaints and issues without grumbling, I could see that they understood the meaning of hospitality. They were engaged with the brand and did their best to represent it well each time they had the opportunity to interact with the customers/hotel guests.

This type of brand engagement and connection doesn’t just happen! Employees don’t just wake up and start being good brand ambassadors. Nah! This only happens when they have been exposed to WHAT THE BRAND OF THAT ORGANISATION IS AND NOT JUST THE BUSINESS IT DOES. Doing this ensures that they connect with the brand because they understand it, what it stands for, what problems it is meant to solve and the best way to solve the problem. This is called EMPLOYEE BRAND ENGAGEMENT. And I want to add that EVERY ORGANISATION that has employees need it.

At the end of our stay, I left the hotel with beautiful memories. Why because the employees made sure my experience with the brand was positive.

Brand lessons

  1. Don’t just educate your employees on what the business does. Let them also know what the brand of the organization. (If you need assistance getting your employees to understand or engage with your brand, we would be glad to help. Chat us up: 08108809186 or send a mail:
  2. I realize it’s not possible to educate your people about your brand if you don’t have one. So, clearly identify and capture what your brand is. What does the organization stand for? What makes it unique from others like it? What is its point of difference? What’s its identity? All these must be captured, documented and passed on to your people as they join the organization. (We are always glad to help organizations without any clear brand to develop and build theirs. Check out our website or call 08108809186. We have the perfect branding solutions that will make you stand out)
  3. Consistently project the brand internally so it’s well reinforced in the minds of all stakeholders.

My people, I waka well?
Awaiting your own brand gist as well.

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