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Morning! This is yours truly on Brand Waka. Couldn’t settle down enough last week to share my journey with you. Been in between so many things. God help me! OK, so my Brand Waka took me to my big sister’s house where I stumbled on a pack on one of the cabinets in the dining area. I was quite attracted to it because it stood out. In my mind, I concluded it must be a pack of perfume seeing the packaging and presentation. But wrong I was!

Apparently, my sister had gone to see one of her clients whose daughter started a confectionary business. The lady in question, however, chose to do things differently. It turns out that the pack I saw wasn’t the pack of perfume but a pack of ‘ADUN’! Adun is a type of cake made with maize, salt, pepper, palm oil, etc and used majorly at weddings in Yoruba land. Whoa! I was blown away! You mean this same local delicacy that’s usually wrapped in leaves as pictured below can have a breath of fresh air! Not only that, the lady had the maize cake molded into different cute shapes. My sister told me her target market is couples who are having their traditional weddings.

Whoa! The maize cake is absolutely Aso Rock and even White House compliant. Beautiful in and out. You can’t see the pack and not want to probe to see what the content is. Talk of a brand that stands out. This got me thinking and here are the points I want to leave with you today:

  1. It doesn’t matter how local what you sell is, branding has a way of adding that extra-ordinary touch to it. So don’t overlook branding. Don’t limit yourself by ignoring the power it wields.
  2. Am pretty sure that with packaging like that, the maize cake won’t be sold at the same price as the one that grandma sent from the village. So what’s the point? Branding makes it easy and possible to charge a premium for your products and services.
  3. The maize cake is something that people who love it won’t find difficult to send to their relatives abroad. So with branding, you can go from local to global.
  4. Lastly, going by the packaging and price of the maize cake, it has already defined its target market. It’s for those who want the usual in an unusual way. With branding, you can define your target audience and put your energy into attracting them.

Enough said. So what are you going to do differently? What breath of fresh air are you bringing into your business and industry at large? How will you leverage branding to set the pace and shine? How can you brand your product so it stands out from the pack? Is your branding being professionally handled? What does your packaging look like? If you’re struggling to answer these questions or need help, do send me a message on WhatsApp 07089203076. I’ll be glad to help you take your branding game to another level.
Happy Monday and have a great week
NB: Will upload a picture of the aadun and it’s packaging in the course of the week.




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