This can’t be happening

Ah! Hello, my Brand Waka fellows! Apologies for being AWOL. Work back to back! God help me. You’ll see I couldn’t even check-in yesterday evening as I promised. So tired after my training.


Anyway, am back with My Brand Waka so let’s roll. I had a meeting scheduled with a prospective client on Monday. She had called that she was going to be about 30 minutes behind schedule so I had my mind prepared to wait. Well, I was doing that well at one of the popular fast-food restaurants where I was until…

As I sat in the corner where I was, the next thing I saw was one of the staff at this restaurant going about spraying a liquid inside a bottle on the floor of the restaurant. At first, I thought it was some cleaning or air freshening agent until I took in the smell and I began to lose my breath. I thought to myself this mustn’t be what I thought it was. I know that smell so well. It’s the smell of a very strong insecticide used to eradicate rodents. Could this be Sniper? I looked at the bottle again. And I saw that it really was. Diluted with water.

I tried changing my seat at the restaurant but it didn’t work. I was choking and my chest was already heavy. Meanwhile, as I looked at the floor, there were several dead flies on the floor which wasn’t too good a sight for an eatery of that caliber. So the chemical was used to kills flies who as we all know could be a big source of annoyance… but then, are there not safer, healthier and better alternatives?

I had no choice but to vacate the restaurant and wait under the scorching sun…better that way o! I kept asking myself is this really right? Maybe I am the one missing something. Is it really safe to use chemicals like this in an environment where food is made and sold? I thought fast food outlets use to have insectocutors? Please, I need us to discuss this together. Your feedback matters a lot. So let me hear from you. Should I have requested to speak with the manager of that fast food outlet? Should I still go ahead though some days have passed?

Please, I need your feedback on this waka!

My people, I waka well? (Though I almost and practically lost my breath in this waka o!!!!)

Your Brand Waka Partner,
AyanfeOluwa Oluwaseun

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