Every Little Thing Matters

By now you should know I take in a lot of things from around me.

I was around Opebi the other day. I was observing the various signage and banners lining the street, all fighting for attention. Well, one did grab my attention. At the top of the building was a signage. All good. Then in front of the building was another signage for the same brand, same name but the difference was too much. The brand name was written with another type of font face and style. No resemblance whatsoever to the signage mounted on the top of the building. Ah! Then I saw a promotional banner hung on the gate of the building. C’est fini! (hope I got it) Another font type, style and design layout altogether.

One brand, 3 expressions.

It was difficult to tell that those signages belonged to the same brand. It was like one individual with 3 different faces. Not good enough at all.
So what are the Brand Lessons from my waka:

  1. Engage the services of professionals in branding your business. Professional branding services need not cost an arm and a leg. Please visit www.thotsnworks.com to see how we can help in this regards. Our branding packages are SME friendly. (Call +2348108809186 for more)
  2. Request for a brand manual from your brand designers. It contains details of how your brand should be expressed across various mediums.
  3. Guide your printers and other suppliers on brand colours, fonts etc whenever they need to do anything for you.
  4. Educate your people about the brand. Let them know everything about it. The colours, the fonts, icons and what they mean.
  5. Strive for consistency in all your brand communications. Stick to your approved logo, colours, fonts etc. The more you do, the stronger your brand becomes and the more reinforced it is in people’s minds.

My people I waka well?

Have a brand gist or question? Share with us so we can all learn.

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