Can you Deliver?

Hello my peoples (permit my grammar! It’s just that you are all too much for me to call you people!) OK o, so I am back with my Brand Waka. Did you miss me?

So I needed to get accommodation and I’m sure you know all the drama that goes with it. Agents and their wahala (trouble). And because I really wanted to avoid or at least cut down on the drama, I spoke to friends who could recommend their agents to me. And one finally did.

The search began and we went from one place to the other. Eventually, we found a place that fit my desires and more importantly my budget! I however noticed it had some issues that had to be resolved. And the estate agent, as usual, said not to worry as those issues would be resolved. He vouched for the landlord and on and on and so I made payment.

However, by the time I began to make plans to touch up the place so I could move in, I observed that some of the issues I had raised were not resolved. Ah! Come and see the back and forth.
After a lot of drama, the two principal agents had to sort out the issue with their own money because the landlord had collected money and wasn’t ready to part with any. And yours truly was not going going to part with any shilling too. Not after settling the rent.

Do I blame the agent? Yes! Yes, because in his zeal to persuade me to rent the house, he vouched endlessly that all areas of concern about the house would be resolved. He, however, didn’t follow through enough to ensure all grounds were covered. So what happened was that some of the issues were sorted while some major ones were left out.

This is a common thing with many entrepreneurs. Because we want to clinch a deal, we promise what we know we have no capacity to deliver on. There’s no better way to send a brand to its early grave than this. Hey! Promise only what you know you are equipped to make happen. Don’t get carried away by the need to sway the customer. Talk is cheap, action is expensive. Don’t put yourself in a position that would make you lose face with the customers at the end of the day.

So what’s the way around this?

  1. Clearly define your brand promise.
  2. Be sure you have the capacity to deliver on the brand promise over and over again.
  3. Build capacity in the area of your brand promise. This could be via training, mentoring etc.
  4. Follow through on whatever you’ve promised the client.
  5. If you’re having difficulties meeting up, let the client know and seek his/her understanding.

OK, that’s it with my brand Waka for now.

My people, I Waka well?

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